8 Businesses Trends To Jumpstart Your Small Business During A Pandemic

Mar 30, 2022

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Knoxville, Tennessee Mar 30, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - Small scale businesses are at greater risk of getting stuck in a stagnant position if they are not able to recognize the aspects where they need improvements. Eminent business strategist Dr. Daryl D. Green shares his insights on market trends to give businesses a competitive position.

The Covid-related lockdowns had a massive negative impact on the US economy, especially on small businesses. As per a study, nearly 43% of small businesses have been closed temporarily during this time and most of them were due to the pandemic. Dr. Green offers foolproof strategic planning, marketing, and product development to both new and established businesses to help them excel in their respective industry.

In his primary strategy, Dr. Daryl D. Green talks about the eight most effective market trends that every small business must take into account to achieve their goals. . Dr.  Green is the Vice President of Marketing at AGSM Consulting LLC and offers consulting, guidance, and management training to small businesses. He has helped more than 100 organizations with their business growth-related issues. Here are the eight emerging business trends:

Workers Search for Purposeful Living and AI and Automation

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 Many employees still give finding a purposeful living priority. They will quit without hesitation if they are able to achieve that with their current job. It is reported that an average of over 3.9 million workers have quit their jobs every month in 2021. Small businesses must empower their employees by using advanced technologies where that can be implemented.

Digitalization of Data and the future of work

Companies must digitalize their data for cost-efficiency and drive processes unless they want to face greater loss. Companies must understand that remote working is the future of work and it can be highly beneficial for both employers and employees.

Supply Chain and Logistics and freelancing

    The pandemic has caused a massive disruption in the global supply chain. Small businesses need to improve their supply service strategies to stay afloat in the market. Dr. Daryl D. Green also talks about the advantages of digital and eCommerce and hiring freelancers to escalate their business growth.

    For more information about these business trends or to interview Dr. Green, please contact him at [email protected] or visit him at http://www.drdarylgreen.com.



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