AET REMOULD continues the classic while making bold breakthrough

Nov 04, 2020




Born in 1963, Daytona has withstood the test of time and has become a classic in watches. AET REMOULD has a higher pursuit of the watch that was chosen to be remade. Only the real classic masterpieces have the value of refit. While inheriting the beauty of classics, they can create more possibilities and bring new ideas to the classic.

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AET REMOULD chose Daytona to remake, showing their respects to the classics. It is not easy to rebuild classics. On the issue of how-to, AET REMOULD focuses on ceramics., the recent popular watch materials.


Finely polished ceramics present a sense of high quality and fashion. The hardness of the material itself, wear resistance, non-fading and comforts to the skin, plus AET REMOULD's advantages of ceramic technology, make us full of confidence with ceramic Daytona. After overcoming technical difficulties such as the use of ceramic craftsmanship in watches, AET REMOULD continued its classics and launched the ceramic Daytona collection.



    Continuation of the classic: Classic collection - The classic collection continues Daytona's classic tri-hands dial, keep its simple style without unnecessary decoration or embellishment. The black and white "panda" color scheme and the case made of high-tech ceramics has a warm and flawless surface and a natural luster to provide comfortable visual enjoyment. The use of pure colors such as black and white is very chic. The appearance design and material texture will be transformed and returned The watch itself.



    The refit itself is an innovation and breakthrough. The innovation on the watch materials is far from satisfying AET REMOULD’s pursuit. We pursue more differences. Apart from the materials, we carry out creative creations on the dial. The birth of AET REMOULD hopes to break the classics and shape the Rodin collection of AET REMOULD style.



    Breaking the classic: Rodin collection - Imagination is one of the greatest thought forces of mankind. AET REMOULD cooperate with all kinds of artists to combine the unlimited artistic imagination with the classic Daytona timepieces. The avant-garde trend collides with traditional classics. We call these imaginative works "Rodin Collection". It will be the most creative existence among AET REMOULD Ceramic Daytonas.



    When classics crash on classics, classic watches collide with classic art, Daytona and Picasso are both indisputable existence in their respective fields. The two highest-level masterpieces will surly become masterpieces: Picasso Collection.



    Classics combination: Picasso collection - Picasso's creation runs through his life, and his unpredictable art form has made the world-famous as "he always stay young." He is loyal to freedom and has abundant creativity. This is exactly why AET REMOULD admires Picasso. AET REMOULD draws Picasso's works of art on the dial, after a series of discussion meetings and continuous efforts, presenting a richer and more charming Picasso world in the form of watch art, which belongs to his art and culture about painting, life, and ideas.



    AET REMOULD remains the classic, creates unique pieces of its own style, boldly collide classics with classics, creates extraordinary watch works, and becomes a unique existence in the watch industry.