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Jun 29, 2022

Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta AGM Desarrollos completes public building project in El Salvador

Cartagena, Bolivar Jun 3, 2022 ( - Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta heads a global engineering and construction powerhouse. AGM Desarrollos maintains offices in Turbaco, Arjona, Turban, Clemency (Paraguay), Villanueva and Saint Ethanislaus.

AGM Desarrollos has also recently been contracted for work in El Salvador and has completed municipal projects in the country. The company has expertise in industrial lighting, engineering, and construction.

Commercial, industrial and municipal lighting installation and upgrading is a company specialty. Focusing on clean energy, reduced carbon output, longevity, and operating costs, AGM Desarrollos specializes in LED technology, road lighting, municipal lighting, buildings, and specialty seasonal lighting such as Christmas holiday themes.

AGM Desarrollos own design engineers are an intricate part of state-of-the-art lighting production, assembly, and installation procedures, making them a premier contractor for large projects.

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The company has also made pioneering strides in mining. AGM Desarrollos processes limestone in a variety of presentations to utilize for many purposes. From filler to high-quality limestone. The only company offers a base and sub-base plant for roads that is 100% automated and 100% computer-controlled.

Civil engineering projects are a specialty of AGM Desarrollos. Housing, offices, public schools, buildings, bridges, and aqueducts are all points of expertise, with completed projects worldwide.

Gabriel Hilsaca Acosta AGM Desarrollos completes Public Lighting in Cartagena

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