An Exclusive Interview: 7 Things to Know about John Singson

Apr 01, 2021

John Singson

Inspiring Story of John Singson, a Successful Entrepreneur

Los Angeles, California Mar 31, 2021 ( - 7 Things to Know about John Singson

Inspiring Story of John Singson, a Successful Entrepreneur.

Struggling to find someone credible and who can trust your money? Look no more when you find the only John Singson... It may seem very hard to believe that a guy like Mr. Singson is a phone call away- but it is true. John has helped many individuals and families find their wealth through real estate investing, flipping homes, buying and holding rental properties, finding deals through foreclosures and courthouses, you name it. John has unlimited knowledge of complex real estate investing. Putting him at #1 on the list of Entrepreneur of the Year by SpotLight Media Magazine, he had also achieved many awards from public officials like Mayors, Councilmen, a Senator, and many more.

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1.) Did you grow up in a very powerful and famous political family in the Philippines? Do you keep in touch with them? Yes, I do. But I have my own lane here in the US and I'm lovin' it.

2.) Away from the Real Estate world, tell me more about hobbies? I love investing my time in financial education because that's what they don't teach in school. Some people have many different degrees more than they have money, for me, I prefer the other way around (that's just me). As long as I'm financially and morally educated, I'm good because, at the end of the day, it boils down to wealth creation, doesn't matter if you're a doctor or a janitor. I'm also into creating new relationships that have business opportunities. I love simple mathematics, I know this is weird, but I always like to calculate how I can adapt and stay closer to building wealth instead of being just rich. In this era, everyone's rich but not everyone's wealthy. I also love sharing my knowledge, because that's what gives people the power and the confidence to take it to the next level, and when my peers reach the next level, I know I'll be on the same boat with them. Sharing is very much caring.

3.) 2020 is behind us now, What is your 2021 forecast in Real Estate? I believe real
estate investing here in the US will forever be good. It is true that our market has ups and downs, but they don't last forever. The climbing and appreciation of the properties happen more than the downfall of markets. The ratio of positive investments is at 95% while the prices going down rarely happens. What matters the most is buying at the right price; there's always the right price at any market. Don't focus on the market, but focus on financial freedom. Good investments are also made in bad markets.

4.) You were named "Entrepreneur of the Year 2020" by Spotlight Media Magazine. Share us
One day, I got a phone call from the prestige media company asking to share my story and a little bit of what I do. Compared to the lined-up celebrities and guests on the platform, I am humbled that I got selected as the Entrepreneur of the Year at this level. God is good!

    5.) Is failing more important than succeeding?
    I believe succeeding is the ultimate goal but to enhance success you have to fail at times. The more you fail, the sharper you become. Our mind is like a muscle, the more it is trained in challenging circumstances, the more it can overcome the next level. It's kind of the same feeling of losing, you have to embrace it when you lose because you wouldn't know the feeling of winning without losing. The two opposite words would not be found if you only experience one side of the situation. Same with failure and succeeding, success won't be created without failure. My answer is, both are important in two different ways.

    6.) What sets you apart from other real estate professionals/companies? The way I care about our clients & investors, everyone is considered family. I've always been a phone call away. I have a very good memory and I remember each and every special individual that supports us.

    "Nonetheless, we make sure that their investment has a 100% success rate and that they invest again which happens most of the time if not, all the time. "

    7.) Favorite Quote or Saying
    "Don't confuse schooling with education. School is built for workers, not entrepreneurs. Education in life, money, and happiness is key. I didn't go to Harvard but the people that work for me did".

    Share with us a word of inspiration.
    My advice to young entrepreneurs out there, you have to be able to decide quickly on why and how you want to start your company. First decide why, the rest will follow. Remember in this techy world we live in, people had gone over their patience because we're so advanced, our world
    is moving fast so you need to act fast and accurately on things you want to do. It's not how famous you become, it's how fast can you move onto something bigger than it will eliminate your competitors. You always have to be 5 steps ahead, before the market shifts its trend, you have to be the trend. You have to be the creator, not 1st nor 2nd place.

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