ARO: The Advanced Rent Option Set to Transform the Lettings Sector...

Aug 24, 2021

Simon Shinerock

London, England Aug 24, 2021 ( - With tenants increasingly in arrears and legislative changes in a state of near-constant flux; ARO (The Advanced Rent Option), the brainchild of Simon Shinerock (Founder of Choices Estate Agents) is proving to be a huge game-changer for the lettings industry, as landlords increasingly accept the need for professional property management.

This one-of-a-kind rental system allows licensed agents to offer their landlords a year's worth of rent upfront in a single lump sum; funded by ARO. It's a truly unique selling point - and hugely attractive to landlords, due to the security and peace of mind it affords them in these turbulent times.  

"In my 28 years in the agency, ARO is the simplest, most exciting and most dynamic idea I have seen. I'm delighted to have been selected for an exclusive local ARO Licence and can't wait to start using to continue the growth of my agency."

~ Spencer Fortag, Director of Dockside Property Services & Landmark Estates.

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ARO provides agents with a totally unique means of attracting new landlord business, with the exclusivity element a huge part of the appeal (as it is only currently available to certain agents, with priority being given to independent market leaders). The competitive edge it affords the select few, therefore, is second to none. 

Find out how it works here and see if you are eligible here.

Are you a landlord?

ARO is a first-class property management and tenant finding service which allows you to take your full market rent, paid a year in advance at no extra cost (minus standard fees). ARO is available for both new and existing tenancies (providing your property is compliant and your tenants pass the standard referencing checks).

    Perhaps you want to enjoy the benefit that a full year's worth of rent in advance would afford you, but you already use an agent? If you would rather stick with them; then the ARO team are always happy to speak to them on your behalf to see if they are suitable for an ARO license. 

    Calculate how much you could get here and talk to one of the friendly team members here.

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