Artist of the Year Award 2021 Svetlana Talabolina

Aug 28, 2021

Artist of the Year Svetlana Talabolina

Art Squat Magazine Presents Svetlana Talabolina

Los Angeles, California Aug 28, 2021 ( - ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD

Art Squat Magazine and Art Squat Management, Founded by Artist Johnny Otto with Writers Laura Siebold and Julia Siedenburg, proudly announce the winner of their first annual Artist of the Year Award, Artist Svetlana Talabolina.

Art Squat was launched in 2021 and has quickly become a must-read magazine for anybody interested in the Los Angeles art scene and global Artists. Featuring interviews and articles with Artists such as Dave Navarro, PAHDiA, Plastic Jesus, WRDSMTH, Stephanie Cate, Billy Morrison, Meg Zany, Bill Barminski, Matthew Wood, Will Carsola, Camille Waldorf, Blek le Rat, and many more.

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Art Squat is also launching a Podcast, which will be broadcast from the legendary Cherokee Studios in Hollywood. Svetlana is scheduled to be the first guest to be hosted by Johnny Otto.

The award for Artist of the Year was given to Svetlana Talabolina because of her unique style of painting, which she calls "Figurative Emotionalism". Her artwork is like landscapes of human emotion that express both forms and feeling all in one bold abstraction. Her linework is sublime, passionate, and detailed. Her work transcends the senses and moves us into the realm of the heart.

Originally from Estonia, Svetlana now calls Los Angeles her home. She has been part of Art Basel Miami and is currently planning a solo exhibit of her art.

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