As Sameer Khan is a famous Indian Musical Artist and recently launched his new album song

Sep 30, 2022

As Sameer Khan

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Sep 30, 2022 ( - Sameer Khan is a famous Indian Musical Artist and recently launched his new album song "Future Hand". He is a musician, YouTuber, and popular Internet Personality. He was born on 21 Apr 2004 in Lucknow, district of India. His singing is well-liked by the public and his words easily find a way into people's hearts. Sameer khan is also known as As Sameer Khan. He is a good person with quality in digital marketing, SEO, and website design. he has 2 years of experience in content writing.

From childhood, He was inclined to dream and think big. His family told us that he was always experimenting with his new ideas. Things that were well beyond his age. Having found an undying love for technology, he ventured to open a music label company at the mere age of 18. Soon it came to be known as As Music Productions where he is CEO/Founder. His Co-Partner and Co-Founder Jhonson was a constant support and help to his successful journey. These two were inseparable from the very start of the journey and the success is the result of their mind-blowing teamwork. Now she's serving as the President at As Music Productions.

"We should constantly push forward without thinking back so one day we think back and understand that we've moved a long way past what we might have envisioned." Told Sameer. It is very hard to earn a glorious name in this profession. But we've seen the two Co-Partners, Sameer and Jhonson have left no stone unturned. Sameer is 18 years now. And he has high aspirations for the future. Having insights into his understanding of the world. We can say he won't stop until he reaches his utmost potential.

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