Bigger Gourmia Air Fryer Now Available In The U.K For The First Time.

Gourmia Air Fryer Digital 7QT 6 6L 1

London, United Kingdom Jan 21, 2022 ( - One of the biggest names in Air fryer manufacturing has just released a new bigger model in the UK.

The new Gourmia Air Fryer Digital 7QT 6.6L GAF798 has nearly 1L more space for food in comparison to its predecessor the Gourmia 5.7L GAF698. 10 easy use single touch cooking pre-set buttons and is extremely easy to clean as it is dishwasher-proof (cooking basket).

Gourmia, a US and China-based organisation have just released a bigger version of its highest-selling digital air fryer. Only a select few UK suppliers have been authorised to supply the new Gourmia air fryer and is one of them.

Gourmia is a small kitchen appliance brand that produces mid to high range goods for consumers. They have cornered the market in this area by producing items with higher quality parts that ensure they consistently beat the opposition as far as build quality and longevity is concerned. With a huge workforce of 40+ staff in New York and 200+ in China means they have staff to help in introducing new and innovative ways to make a consumer of kitchen products life easier.

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Hazloez UK has been chosen to be one of a select few to be authorised to sell Gourmia products in the U.K. Hazloez was chosen as they have consistently shown that they value their customers more than anyone and their team of 12 customer service reps have a full understanding of the inner workings of the Gourmia product range.

Managing director and owner Kwame Garraway states: "Gourmia air fryers are the best on the market currently. Demand is nearly overtaking supply, but we are all making sure to get as many in stock as possible". With the current climate, we are in, consumers are seeking to adopt new behaviours to stay healthy and to fortify their immune system as well as promote healthier behaviours to their children. Kwame Garraway states "deep fat frying is a behaviour no longer appropriate for cooking when a Gourmia air fryer can do as good as or better job". was formed in 2014 and operates in Mainland Europe including the U.K. They are an online retail outlet that supplies household and sporting goods. Their expertise is second to none when It comes to digital air fryers.

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