Choose the Best Caravan Fridge With Confidence, Thanks to Caravan RV Camping!

Mar 07, 2021

December 2020, Australia:Caravan RV Camping is a renowned supplier of caravan equipment in Australia. The company is offering caravan refrigeration to keep your food fresh and healthy for the caravan.

Caravan RV Camping is Australia’s No. 1 caravan appliances, accessories, and spare parts online store. Their comprehensive range includes caravan fridges, portable fridges, caravan air conditioners, caravan washing machines, caravan batteries & chargers, caravan & camping solar panels, gas appliances, 4WD & vehicle accessories, and much more. The company aims to offer the best brands at the best prices on the market!

Caravan refrigerators can be categorized as either a compressor fridge or a three-way absorption fridge. Caravan compressor fridges operate just like the refrigerator you have at home – on a compressor. These fridges are highly efficient, which is one reason they are so popular in the market today. They can provide consistent cool temperatures, even in a scorching environment.

Three-way absorption fridges can be run through various means, including LPG or natural gas, as well as 12V/240V power. These fridges are popular for off-the-grid campers. The gas option allows you to save your battery by running the fridge on LPG gas. However, you must ensure you always have enough gas on hand to run your fridge. This can be challenging if you are out in the middle of the bush with no Bunnings or petrol stations in site. A handy feature of absorption models is that they generally come with “Automatic Energy Selection”, which automatically selects the best source of energy to be used – gas, 12V or 240V.

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When it comes to caravan refrigeration, most models are upwards of $1,000 - $2,000, so you need to pick a reliable and reputable brand to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Caravan RV Camping recommend fridge models by Dometic, Engel and Bushman, as they are high quality, have extensive warranties and great after sale support.

Caravan RV Camping offers a comprehensive line of camping and caravan appliances of major brands. Their product quality, services and express delivery is noteworthy. To know more about Caravan RV Camping, browse their website.

About the Company:

Caravan RV Camping is owned and operated on the Gold Coast, Australia. They are a proud Australian company that has grown from a small caravan workshop in the late 1980s to a leading online caravan appliance, accessories and spare parts. They strive to offer the most comprehensive range of various brands including Dometic, Evakool, Camec, Fiamma, Engel, Fusion, Vitrifrigo, Thetford, Carefree, Coast to Coast, John Guest and many more. They offer the widest range of high-quality caravan appliances, accessories, and spare parts for the caravan. Their complete range of caravan accessories like Waeco fridges, camping fridges are their best-selling products.