Clevereternal - Atlanta's Next biggest thing

Sep 10, 2021



Atlanta, Georgia Sep 10, 2021 ( - Clevereternal Rapper, Actor, Model, Public Figure Artist from Atlanta, Ga is popping out all of a sudden. He started with the name of KingMylahn. He is building an outstanding amount of fan base on Facebook. Just as well as his Instagram with over 100,000 followers. Not that much but he's not following even 1/7th of the followers he has. He's getting attention from big-time celebrities such as coach k, Q Parker 112, Usher Raymond, Chingy, and more. It is heard he has also had involvements with Lil Terrio, That girl Lay Lay & Acie, Waka Flocka, Lloyd, Quayglobal, Kshiday, Tyla Yahweh, Shaq & More. He grew up mainly on the west side of Atlanta and he's 21 years old. It's unconfirmed to any media. The young fella is no ordinary teenager. He has a passion for acting and modeling. He was in 5 Live plays in elementary school, and during middle school, he attended Tameka Raymond/Foster's Kamp which held a live performance at the ending of the kamp. The Kamp is now a foundation for the very unfortunate death of Kile Glover(Tameka Raymonds Son) also been friends with Mylahn since elementary school. From the stories of the kamp he worked with major production artists such as Ernestine Johnson(film actress) and Tequila Whitefield(IMDb actress). Clevereternal is on a mission to the moon and wants to leave a legacy on earth that inspires others to conquer their dreams & wants you to know he's seen almost all aspects and can put himself in your shoes to help you find light into his as a leader. There are two sides to CLEVERETERNAL'S music. One side is really dark and raging kinda street, and the other side naturally soothes your mind. Very relaxing but upbeat. This is that music you play when it's either game time or hangs time! The sound is very unique and indelicate.



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