Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jul 8, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - CocoaLabs, a team under Malaysia's De Yuan Industries, has unveiled a new business ecosystem project called "Cocoa Tree" that leverages WEB 3.0 technology to organically merge physical agriculture with the metaverse, offering a novel way to seamlessly connect the real and digital worlds.

At the core of CocoaLabs' vision to achieve this goal is the "Cocoa Tree" NFT project. Acting as a bridge between the virtual and physical realms, the project revolves around NFTs and aims to drive the development of the physical economy. A spokesperson for CocoaLabs stated, "We are actively exploring how the deep integration of NFTs with the physical economy can bring new vitality to Malaysia's economy."

By launching this project on NFTChinaHK, based in Hong Kong, Cocoa Labs is able to take advantage of the policy advantages offered by the city. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and regulatory authorities have been actively promoting the development of the digital economy and creating a favorable environment for technological innovation. NFTChinaHK, as Asia's leading NFT trading platform and mainland China's first overseas digital collectibles platform, is headquartered in Hong Kong. The platform has over 300,000 registered users and daily transaction volumes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Cocoa Tree" is more than just an NFT project; it serves as a collaborative bridge that connects the metaverse with real-world agriculture, opening up new possibilities for the development of Malaysia's agricultural sector. Through this project, CocoaLabs believes they can foster partnerships and collaboration within the agricultural community, ultimately creating valuable digital assets for NFT holders.

Recognizing the enormous potential in mainland China, CocoaLabs plans to further deepen its cooperation with the country through the "Cocoa Tree" project. They aim to explore new agricultural project collaboration opportunities and pave the way for Malaysia's economic growth, establishing a foundation for the seamless integration of the digital and physical worlds.


Source :De Yuan Industries SDN. BHD

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