Contactus the movie, when people tell themselves in 2020

Apr 05, 2021

Edoardo Viterbori

The new movie from italian director Edoardo Viterbori

Roma, Lazio Apr 5, 2021 ( - The young Italian director Edoardo Viterbori directs the docufilm "Contactus", his first international work. The film analyzes how covid-19  is affecting people's sociality, relationships, and mental health around the world.


The creators asked people from various countries to tell their lives with the pandemic through interviews, vlogs, and footage of their cities. During the first lockdown in Italy, the director took the opportunity to make a movie without the filming phase, using the editing not as the last phase of the artistic work, but as the very moment of writing the film. Federico Bosi edited the clips and Chiara Mastroianni and Valentino Guglielmetti, creators of the format, took care of the relations with the people they reached and supervised the editing. The director's goal is to make a film that can remain over the years as evidence of what happened in 2020

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Valentino Guglielmetti, also executive producer, says it was difficult to find people around the world willing to film their lives: "At first we asked our friends living abroad, then their friends and then we reached people through Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks ".


"One goal is to make a film by creating dialogues between nations socially contrasting with each other, sometimes historically rivals, now struggling with the same fight, that against the virus", says Chiara Mastroianni, screenwriter, "it was interesting to approach them in the editing". The film shows a diverse collection of shots made by both professionals and amateurs, all having a story to tell, personal or from their community.


    The film, spoken in different languages, shows how everyday life has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic in hospitals, on the streets, and in our homes.


    The director would like to publicly thank Valentino Guglielmetti, Chiara Mastroianni, Valerio Tedeschi (associate producer), Federico Bosi, Filippo Valentini, and Alda Gambino, without whom it would not have been possible to make the film.

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