Essence of Modern-Day Hip-Hop Can Be Found in the Album 'Life And Times Of Morrell Coleman' by The Toven

Aug 25, 2022

The Toven

San Diego, California Aug 24, 2022 ( - The musical genre of hip-hop has given numerous artists worldwide fame and a reputation in the global music industry. On that list, the emerging artist The Toven is the newest inclusion as he has shown his expertise in expressing emotions through his art and created some bangers of hip-hop throughout his career. The latest released album Life And Times Of Morrell Coleman has been in the run of being the artist's most streamed creation on musical platforms. The album is filled with 13 amazingly produced and created fresh hip-hop tracks that truly brought out the artist's potential of becoming one of the hugest hip-hop stars around the world.

The intro of the album alone creates a vibe of something exciting coming that makes the listeners' mood lighter and brighter. The tracks followed similar themes of creating a joyful environment filled with energy and enlivening beats. The Toven has always connected with the fans and listeners with his lyrics that are structured in the form of storytelling. These have once again proved the artist's caliber in the art of lyricism which excitingly communicates with the listeners. The more the audiences listen to it, the more they feel engaged with the artist and his art.

The well-written rap verses are perfectly complemented by the upbeat production of the tracks. Some of the notable tracks of the album are Frank Sinatra, Original, Love Hate, etc. The joyous theme is followed throughout the whole album where the listeners can feel the energy. The heavy and bass-boosted tracks are responsible for creating such a dynamited environment and vibe.  The tracks are filled with electrifying musical beats that prove the amazingly almost euphoric production. The mixing of the tracks also showcases the artist's ability to create mesmerizing rap songs.

One of the other most notable features of the album, Life And Times Of Morrell Coleman is the rapper's vocals which not only prove his freestyling ability, but also his control over the singing. This is the third studio album of the artist which is released under the label, Bigger Vibes Inc. You can listen to the album on Spotify and Youtube. For further updates, follow the artist on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and his official website.

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