ExitPro's RED FLAG REPORT: Learn How to Battle Unethical Behavior in Your Workplace

Feb 01, 2022

New York City, New York Feb 1, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - Unethical behavior in the workplace is, unfortunately, more common than most people realize. 27% of people have reported that their workplace is an unhealthy environment, which causes four out of five employees to feel constrained when it comes to speaking up(1). Retensa's REIMAGINED Red Flag Report ensures that your workplace is safe and protected and gives employees a voice to speak out against unethical behavior.  


The Red Flag Report successfully does this by utilizing machine learning patterns of Red Flag volume, distribution, frequency, location, and respondent demographics. A Red Flag indicates that unethical behavior or a code of conduct violation was reported by the employee when completing the survey, which helps you identify these warnings and indicators! 


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How to Identify Red Flags? 

Red flags are identified through the specific question(s) in the survey, survey codes and verbatim responses entered by the employees. The Red Flag Report gives the number of red flag responses identified by gender, race, age, location, and tenure for the selected timeframe.  

Why is the Red Flag Report necessary for HR Managers? 


    • This report analyzes trends to understand the number of red flags reported each month over the past and current year 
    • Distributes red flag responses via demographics 
    • Uses Word Cloud visualization to help you identify the most mentioned words in their verbatim 
    • Collects verbatim of all open-ended questions with the red flag terms highlighted 



    ExitPro's Red Flag Report gives organizations the answers to build an inclusive and safe workplace environment. This report will help organizations make decisions to make employees feel safe in the workplace, which helps everyone do a better job! Don't wait any longer to give your employees a voice, click here to start your free exitpro trial today! 



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    1. Harvard Business Review: https://hbr.org/2020/03/how-common-is-unethical-behavior-in-u-s-organizations 


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