Feeling anger, anxiety, hatred of sound, Chewing, whispering, yawning

Jan 24, 2022

Personal ASMR Audio Track Creator To Cure Sleep Disorders

Chennai, Tamil Nadu Jan 24, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - Nowadays due to our fast paced lifestyle, people are busy with their work and under constant stress, people get multiple issues like heart disease, diabetes, etc. Research has also proven that health issues are due to stress. We see loneliness among Generation Z increasing day by day.


Now the question is how can we reduce it?

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One great solution to both lacks of sleep and relaxation is ASMR. We have developed a website tinglesplus.com which creates custom long ASMR audio for you in seconds and ASMR aids in relaxation and promotes sleep. We develop non-hazardous ASMR videos which are soft on the ears and you will love them. Example: Sounds of rain. 


ASMR with tinglesplus.com can be used as a coping strategy against anxiety. Everyone's body is different and has different tingle immunity. So Non-tingling moments are common. The nature of ASMR is so natural and it can even be used by non-ASMR disability people. There are no such negative effects of ASMR, just make sure you listen to it in a presumably valid loudness. We see some people Feeling anger or anxiety or hatred of sound, but ASMR is different as let's say who hates the sound of rain and train. We are used to the natural ambience of the same.


    Listen to 13+ pre-recorded ASMR audio now; we will be added like chewing, whispering, yawning, and so on. Non whispering ASMR, non visual ASMR, non creepy ASMR, and best for long term use, because your brain has nothing to guess as they are homogeneous.


    We are committed to helping non-ASMR people to get used to sleeping personalities or non-ASMR people to know about ASMR and cure sleep disorders. ASMR will help to tune your circadian rhythm.


    Source :https://tinglesplus.com/

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