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Los Angeles, California May 18, 2023 ( - Lam Knight, a singer-songwriter, and record producer, has emerged as a powerful force in the music industry, captivating listeners with his heartfelt tracks and raw talent. Known for his songs like "Girl," "Saturday Night," "Pop God," and "Don't You Know It," Lam Knight's melodic compositions have resonated with audiences worldwide. But behind the scenes lies a tumultuous past, filled with personal struggles and adversity that have shaped him into the artist he is today.

Born as Rezowan Ahmed Lam on September 22, 1998, Lam Knight grew up without the presence of his father. His father left his mother before Lam's birth, leaving him without a paternal figure in his life. Lam and his mother sought solace in his grandmother's family, but financial difficulties and hardships marked his early years. The absence of his father and the challenges he faced due to financial instability created a void within him.

As a child, Lam would feel envious when seeing his school friends enjoying the company of their fathers, highlighting the emotional toll of growing up fatherless. The situation worsened when Lam's mother remarried, and they moved into his stepfather's home, leading to further difficulties and hardships. Left abandoned by both parents, Lam became a target for bullying by his teachers and classmates, experiencing a sense of alienation and rejection.

In an attempt to escape the pain and find solace, Lam joined a teenage gang in 2013, immersing himself in a world of drugs and street clashes. At the age of 15, he smoked his first joint before confronting his former classmates who had once bullied him. This marked the beginning of a dangerous path, as Lam gradually delved into stronger substances. In 2014, he faced a near-fatal drug overdose, which led to his hospitalization. It was during this time that Lam's mother recognized her responsibility and brought him to live with his stepfather.

Unfortunately, Lam's stepfather proved to be an unsupportive and abusive presence in his life. The accumulation of these negative experiences drove Lam to multiple suicides attempts through overdoses. Despite surviving these attempts, Lam continued to face hardships. In 2016, he experienced heartbreak when his girlfriend, Sumaiya, betrayed his trust and left him for financial security, marrying an older man. This series of disappointments left Lam feeling cursed, intensifying his desire to end his life.

However, a serendipitous moment occurred when Lam stumbled upon a song by the artist known as The Weeknd. The lyrics, "Grew up with no father so nobody ever son me," resonated deeply with Lam, sparking a newfound determination within him. Inspired by The Weeknd's story, Lam decided to confront his adversities head-on and use his experiences to inspire other fatherless individuals who had lost hope or fallen into criminal activities.

In 2017, after completing his secondary school exams, Lam managed to acquire a laptop and microphone, initiating his musical journey. Seeking support from his friend Diptoh, Lam started uploading his tracks on YouTube under the stage name Lam Knight. Through his music, Lam began sharing his poignant story, delving into his dark past, fatherless life, struggles with drugs, and heartbreak. He aimed to connect with individuals who had experienced similar challenges and provide them with inspiration and hope.

Drawing inspiration from their partnership, Lam and Diptoh formed the D2, mirroring The Weeknd's XO. From 2018 to 2019, Lam released multiple tracks on YouTube, amassing hundreds of thousands of views.

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2020 marked a pivotal moment in Lam Knight's career as he released his single "Saturday Night" under his own label, "The D2 Sounds." The track resonated with listeners and quickly soared to an impressive 1 million views on YouTube. As a constant reminder of a heartbreak that fueled his artistry, Lam tattooed the name of his ex-girlfriend, Sumaiya.

While achieving success with "Saturday Night," Lam continued to face financial struggles as an independent artist. In 2021, he released the mixtape "Pop God," which unfortunately didn't meet the expected reception and left him in a state of financial strain once again. However, Lam Knight and his trusted collaborator, Diptoh, remained resolute in their determination not to give up on their dreams.

Undeterred by setbacks, Lam Knight expanded his label, "The D2 Sounds," by signing Nigerian rapper, The Fortune F. Together, they released captivating tracks that showcased their combined talents.

The turning point came in 2022 with the release of Lam Knight's singles, "Girl" and "Don't You Know It." These transformative tracks captivated audiences and propelled Lam Knight into a new realm of recognition and success.

Now, in 2023, Lam Knight is diligently working on his highly anticipated studio album, "The Chapter." Set to be a powerful testament to the events of 2015, Lam aims to share his compelling story through this forthcoming album.

As Lam Knight's journey unfolds, he continues to inspire and uplift with his raw talent and resilience. The story of Lam Knight is one of triumph over adversity, a testament to the power of music to heal and empower both the artist and his listeners.

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