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Amityville, New York May 21, 2023 ( - Glorious Collection, a premier Chinese brand celebrating traditional handicrafts, aims to bridge cultures by showcasing the depth and diversity of Chinese artisanal craftsmanship. The range includes remarkable products such as the Gaiwan Tea Set, Kungfu Tea Set, Jianzhan Tea Cup, Teapot, and even tea-related accessories that not only serve a functional purpose but also act as a testament to China's profound cultural heritage.

The Glorious Collection offers an impressive lineup that transcends various traditional artistic disciplines, featuring meticulously handcrafted ceramics, intricate embroidery, elaborate Thang-ga, meticulous papercutting, and evocative clay sculptures. In our efforts to promote and preserve the time-honored Chinese tea culture, we provide exquisite tea sets including the Gaiwan and Kungfu Tea Sets, Tea Tasting Cup, Travel Tea Set, and the unique Jianzhan Tea Cup. These collections mirror the essence of Chinese tea rituals and craftsmanship, allowing our customers to experience an authentic tea ceremony in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, we offer a wide range of home goods, handbags, and accessories, all echoing the same aesthetic principles and traditional values.

"Whether it's our bespoke handcrafted tea sets, the industry's finest standardized products, or the distinctive Jianzhan Tea Cups, our commitment lies in upholding the aesthetic and cultural authenticity of Chinese traditional crafts," says the CEO of Glorious Collection. "Each item in our collection, from tea trays and canisters to incense burners and tea pets, narrates a story of our shared human cultural heritage."

We cordially invite our customers to follow us on our social media platforms. Here, they can immerse themselves in the captivating narratives behind each piece of artwork and product, learning about their historical and mythological origins, the skilled artisans our "Master ShiFu," and the rich cultural legacy encapsulated in our diverse tea sets and accessories.

About Glorious Collection

Glorious Collection, a distinguished Chinese brand, takes pride in bringing traditional handicrafts and tea culture to the global forefront. Our mission is to connect people worldwide to the intricate artistry and profound cultural heritage embodied in traditional Chinese handicrafts like our Gaiwan Tea Set, Kungfu Tea Set, and Jianzhan Tea Cup, among other offerings. With numerous stores across China and an interactive online platform, we provide insights into the history and production process of these remarkable handicrafts. To explore our collections or learn more about our products, please visit

Glorious CollectionGlorious Collection

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