HKCBMA offer Online Study Programs For Higher Education

Jan 08, 2021

HKCBMA is a leading university that offers higher education programs. We offer a wide range of research programs in different subject areas and strives to provide all academic staff the option to participate in consultancy and collaborative projects with the industry.  

We provide valuable services and support to researchers by facilitating the formulation and execution of research, intellectual property, and ethics policies, supporting advance and entrepreneurial projects by faculty members, researchers, and students. If you want to join PHD Program, then you can visit our official website.

We have a wide range of facilities and resources to make academic research a smooth, refreshing, and pleasurable process. Our goal is not only to give originalities a competitive benefit and become a leader in the market but also to offer a comprehensive learning situation for each business worker, who can accept new information, challenge, and make a high-performance organization with continued competitiveness.

Our Outstanding Chinese vision is to give international students access to opportunities to understand, study about, and build their career in the most exciting country in the world. We drive to make healthier and deeper connections between China and the world.

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Business name: China Business Managers Association
Name : Nagar Lai
Country: china
State: Hong Kong, Guangdong Province
Address- Room 803, Witty Commercial Building, 1A-L, Tung Choi Street 
City - Kowloon 
Postal Code :999077
Phone: 852-29722319 
Email : [email protected]