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May 22, 2023

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Burgas, Bulgaria May 18, 2023 ( - In the latest episode of the music, YouTube shows Balkanrock Sessions, the Belgrade-based band Random took the stage by storm. Formed in 2010, this exceptional ensemble comprises talented musicians: Angelina Kaunkovi (vocals), Jelena Mihi (bass guitar), Stefan Biljanovski (drums), and Stefan Gaea (guitar and producer).

Despite their name suggesting randomness, Random's music is anything but accidental. Their guitar riffs are precise and captivating, while the bass lines add depth, and the drums create a rhythmic foundation for Angelina's remarkably wide vocal range. With a repertoire of hundreds of club gigs and performances at various festivals in Serbia and the region, as well as multiple releases including Smile and Wave (2015), Rewind (2016), Sun Moon Stars (2019), and Random (2020), Random has established themselves as a prominent presence in the music scene.

Beyond their musical prowess, in this episode, Random presented some of their harder-hitting songs such as "Muladhara" and "Stepping Stone". Viewers also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the stories behind their songs and gain insights into the making of their latest studio album. Angelina shares her thoughts on the experiences of being a woman in a rock band.

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About Balkanrock Sessions:

Balkanrock Sessions is a popular YouTube show that brings together talented musicians mostly from the Balkan region, showcasing their performances and offering in-depth insights into their music and stories. The show aims to promote the vibrant music scene in the Balkans and provide a platform for emerging and established artists to connect with a wider audience.

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