Indian startup has come to market with innovative system building

Mar 30, 2021


Agniforge Industries is manufacturing India's first hydrogen powered super car which will be available in market till September, 2021

New Delhi, Delhi Mar 30, 2021 ( - Nowadays, a lot of new startups are coming to India, but very few companies are working on sustainable innovations. Agniforge Industries is one of those fewer startups that manufactures defence systems, eco-friendly cars, drones, artificially intelligent robots and other defence products also. This company is based in New Delhi, India. Agniforge Industries has launched India's first hydrogen-powered car which emits zero pollution. It generates water instead of pollution. Agniforge industries are manufacturing complete end to an end product which includes hydrogen gas, hydrogen fuel cell, and hydrogen car. This car can travel up to 500 km distance in a single fuel tank.

The company has named the car Bianca which is a supercar manufactured at a very low cost. Anyone can afford it and it is also solving the problem of fuel resources shortage. The car will be available on the market till the first week of September 2021.

The company is also making an aluminum-air battery that does not require any charging system and the battery can be recycled easily and will be available till November 2021.

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Agniforge industries want to bring change in automobile and defense innovation and the company is working on it continuously.


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