Innocorn’s innovative AI Ambassador Kimia is the next future

Oct 20, 2022

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Oct 17, 2022 ( - The days have gone when people have to manually handle every individual person as Innocorn has come up with its latest innovative AI ambassador, named Kimia. Offering a creation of advanced technology, this AI ambassador is capable of performing the tasks of a concierge or receptionist. The conversational AI is intelligent enough to interact with numerous individuals and help them with various kinds of day-to-day tasks. It is ready to be installed for smart concierge/kiosks, making things easier for businesses of various industries such as hotels, retail, schools, and so on. 

The founder of Innocorn Technology, Daniel understands the need for various sectors as he says, We have noticed how expensive to use human labor force in customer service, as such, how to come up with another resolution is we are considering. Kimia is about to change the field of customer services by being one of the smartest AI receptionists and AI concierges as well. Creating smart living for a better and easier business environment, this AI ambassador is resolving several problems with zero errors. There is a growing demand for 24*7 customer services and assistance is widely visible in various sectors and Kimia can perform that with ease. There is no need for human labor and different shifts to handle the whole process, only installing an innovative AI Ambassador is enough to perform the work for many. 

Kimia is specially crafted to be used in multiple situations and its human voice along with interactive capabilities are making it an exceptional creation in machine learning and NLP. This AI also comes with an advanced feature of OCR Technology that automates data extraction in a quick, convenient and easier way. Kimia can offer relevant and correct information faster than humans which increases customer accessibility. As a result, businesses can witness significant growth and fluidity in the process. The AI helps to eliminate the tedious process of traditional kiosks and receptions where numerous individuals are assisted by human labor. The companies make quite an amount of financial expenses for training and offering salaries for the human workforce. This latest AI Ambassador is truly a beneficial choice that is advanced and affordable as well. It is bringing more vibrancy and clarity for both, the customers as well the organization of various industries.

Innocorn is situated in Hong Kong that focuses on improving the technology industry by creating a smart living for various organizations. This start-up enterprise has already garnered much respect and attention by winning the awards like Smart Retail Tech awards, Fintech Awards, and CityU Tech 300, etc to name some. Being a reliable name in the technology industry, this agency thrives to empower other business organizations with its smart solutions. The latest innovation of AI Kimia is one of the greatest contributions of this agency. It will help out various sectors like shopping malls and institutional buildings, hotels, retail, and F&B as well as schools. Get to know more about this AI at

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