It is time to get to know your trueself with Gaetano Vivo

Feb 26, 2020


It is time to get to know your trueself with Gaetano Vivo

World’s leading Reiki Master and intuitive healer now offers his visionary approach to counter stress, depression right here in the UAE

Dubai, UAE - February 26, 2020: In today’s world, it is common place to see everyone affected by stress, depression and some illness or the other. So, what does one do – close the eyes from the reality or face these and take control the back on your life?

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All the stress, depression, injury and worries could very well become a thing of the past, right here in the UAE, thanks to world-renowned Reiki Master Gaetano Vivo, who is currently based in the UAE and ready to share his learning and experiences of healing people worldwide.

Globally renowned for his visionary approach to deep healing for stress and depression, through healing the heart, Vivohas made a difference in the lives of people of thousands of people for almost three decadesand has worked extensively in the United Kingdom, Italy and now the UAE.

As part of Vivo Healing, he offers a wide array of healing techniques – beit Energy Healing to alleviate stress,depression, Reiki Healing through both Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki or Xantia Healing – a combination of all the different approaches. 

“I reach out to people to help them on their life’s journey and I am happy to be here in the UAE to offer my powerful, transformational energy healing, Reiki and visionary work to my clients, helping them to alleviate any physical ailment and to enhance their well-being,” said Vivo.

    For someone who can work on an emotional level, healing the client’s heart, helping them through separation, loss and bereavement, Vivo can also teach and train people to understand the fundamentals of touch and healing. 

    “My techniques and treatments help promote deep-healing, on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.I help them to decide how to live and lead their life – something which I have been doing this for over 30 years now,” added Vivo.

    Vivo, who became a Reiki Master in 1996 in the US when he took his degree with William Rand,one of the most celebrated Reiki Masters in the world, has authored a number of books, like Reiki is Love, Healing the Heart of Mankind, Open Your Heart with Reiki, Karma and Chakra and others.

    Vivo, who lives in London and in Italy, will be in the UAE every two or three months to meet his clients. “I have been coming into the UAE since October 2019. I have even already published my book Healing the heart of a Mankind in Arabic.”

    Summing up his commitment to help people, Vivo reiterated: “Well-being starts from inside. When you are well inside, everything unfolds.”

    Email: [email protected]

    Cellular: 00447949612732