Kenyan Airlines have to make some plans related to the Epidemic (Covid- 19)

Mar 24, 2021

Adrian, Michigan Mar 24, 2021 ( - NAIROBI is the capital of the Kenyan for the Reuters. Since this airline pandemic in the coronavirus since then, less than 30% of salaries are provided to the airways employers. Main employers said to the company, 5% to 30% ranging from the monthly income and 45,000 exceeds to the shillings ($ 409). They said in the memo from the company grappling with the debts that are at an unsustainably high level. This airway is the declined to the comment. 

As through domestic air travel resumed in Kenya in July, this is the international routes month of the later, stayed has the demand below the pre-pandemic levels. This airway is said that is laid-off of about 650 workers, after announcing plans a month for an unspecified number of layoffs, the network is cut and that is the offering is the same assets.

Time of the forecast a fall in 2020 revenues of the between 60 million to 70 billion that is the shillings as demand for the rest of the year this is the expected to be less than half of 2019. Company share trade on the Nairobi Securities Exchange that is suspended and pending of a government restructuring plans, after that is submitting the draft law to the parliaments on nationalizing and that is the airlines. 

This airline could lose $6 billion in passenger revenue in 2020 after that the pandemic ground much of that is the industry of global aviation, that is the international air Transport Association say to last year of April. 

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Kenyan Airlines Take Care of Your Safety And Security

The outbreak of covid-19 has been very widespread all over the world, many measures have been taken to avoid this. All the people who have a booked flight ticket can check the updated kenya airways cancellation policy before going to make any decision. It ensures that flying will be totally safe and will protect themselves with all the considered safety. 

  • Our Crisis Management of activating and the protocol that is the address situation and implement appropriate action. 
  • It is important to closely work with the local and global health authorities and your guidelines by the World Health Organization.
  • This airline does not issue a headset for the passengers. Support for the other efforts and that minimizes the person to person communicable disease of transportation. 
  • The frequency will increase and layover cleaning of our aircraft is every fourteen days to once every seven days.
  • Sensitizing and cleaning both are the staff and the crew on the various measures ensure that is the protect themselves. 
  • Cabin groomers are all the ensuring and wear the equipment of personal protective.


This airline is a member of the sky team Alliance, lead to the African Airlines and flying to 54 destinations worldwide, 41 in Africa, and carries more than 4 million passengers. It continues with the 34 flights that modernize your fleet of Africa's youngest. This includes the flagship B787 Dreamliner aircraft. Service is well-known on-board and that has a late-flat business class seat on a wide body.

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