Media Mogul Dame Dash Partners with Fox Soul and Opens Doors for Millennial Creatives to Produce TV and Film Projects

Jan 19, 2022

Dame Dash the CEO of Dame Dash Studios a Film and TV Production and Distribution Company created a streaming platform for millennial influencers

Celebrity Creative Liana Mendoza Collaborates with Dame Dash Studios as a Producing Partner to Focus on Black and Brown Unity and Empower the BIPOC Community

Hollywood, California Jan 18, 2022 ( - Star maker and New York Native Damon Dash, known as the American entrepreneur and record executive who co-founded Roc-A-Fella along with Jay-Z and Kareem Burke, has tapped 6 filmmakers to produce a slate of TV and film projects under Dame Dash Studios in 2022 and 2023.

The most notable filmmaker is triple-threat talent Liana Mendoza whose film, Clew, is a psychological thriller about a young woman's mental journey to find her authentic self. She is the writer and star of the feature film set to premiere on Fox Soul and air on other platforms in the fourth quarter of 2022. "The opportunity to work alongside the iconic Dame Dash is super exciting and I am eternally grateful to tell stories about us for us," said Mendoza.

Dash partnered with Fox Soul in 2022 to bring original content to the live and interactive streaming channel that is dedicated to the African American audience. Fox Soul is available on YouTube. Roku, Amazon, Fire TV, Samsung TV+, Tubi, Xumo, Twitch, iPhone, Android, Apple TV or at

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"Streaming platforms are the future," said Dash. "Fox Soul reaches the diverse demographics that matters." According to Axios recent Analytics, TVision found that time spent with ad-supported streaming services surpassed time spent with subscription streaming or television during the 3rd quarter of this year by 37.6%. 

The founder of Eyedeal Image, a production company, Los Angeles Native Mendoza hails from a maternal native ancestry from the original people of the Indigenous Chichimeca Tribe (known as "the original Aztecas") in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her acting and musical gifts run through her veins from her blood relative, who is a national treasure and left behind a legacy with his passing, Vicente Fernandez.

Mendoza shot to TV fame as a series regular in the HBO series based on novels written by Kristina Laferne Roberts, a New York Times best-selling author and publisher. "The series was a launching pad to a number of television projects including American Horror Story, Better Call Saul, and Baskets," said Mendoza. "It has been a blessing to be on the big screen with Selma Blair and Kathy Bates on some of my major projects," she said.

The Mendoza project that caught the eye of Dash was "Social Disturbance," which was shot during COVID under an intense protocol to keep the set safe. "I almost did not take the lead role as Leza Del Rio," said Mendoza. "My producing partner who had a hand in my career for the past 10 years, Marie Lemelle, insisted that I take the role." Watch "Social Disturbance" on Tubi with the next move to be streamed on Fox Soul.

    "During the downtime during COVID, I was approached by the writer who was ready to start a production. We discussed several ideas and the untitled project evolved to become "Social Disturbance," said Marie Y. Lemelle, the co-executive producer on "Social Disturbance" and CEO of Platinum Star Media Group.  "The best person who could carry this thriller and bring the lead character to life was Liana Mendoza."

    Let's just say the rest is history. When Dash saw "Social Disturbance," it sealed the deal for him to tap Mendoza for a producing partner to create content as a writer, filmmaker, and star. 

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    Source :Platinum Star Media Group

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