MobilityGuru Token Initiating 3rd Round of Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) with a 15% Bonus

Aug 12, 2021

Global payments system for the mobility community

London, United Kingdom Aug 12, 2021 ( - The global mobility devices market is soon going to hit $14.86 billion (approx.) by 2026. And this projection has confirmed an estimated compound annual growth rate of 6.9% for the forecast period. However, MobilityGuru, one of the pioneers of this type of crypto-based project, is, therefore, taking a new initiative by integrating the entire mobility devices and services market. According to this company - about 12% of the current global population is living with a disability but the existing marketplace has hardly showcased any specific online trading system for them. The products or services for the disabled primarily come under the miscellaneous tag.

Well, over the years, this high demand has created the requirement for a seamless one-stop platform for the need of the people who are physically challenged. MobilityGuru has, therefore, introduced a sector that is solely dedicated to the people who fall under the category of disability, elderly, and rehabilitation. The company is on a trial stage to put together this fragmented market under a single trading ecosystem. This project is all about offering an easy business solution to simplify the requirements of the physically impaired group who dedicatedly contribute to society. It is assumed that this recent project took up by the MobilityGuru group will further ease the process of buying and selling of the products and services as people can now swiftly find and transact the items. 

While leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, MobilityGuru is sure to build a secure, safe yet transparent transactional system. To encourage the investors,  MobilityGuru has decided to run its initial exchange offerings (IEO) and has also taken a step forward to facilitate maximum project launch and marketing. And by the end of 2021, MobilityGuru will complete the IEO project to raise $4, 000, 000 million. However, you can get an explained overview of the project by clicking on the link - 

The Token offered by this company is based on BEP 20 protocol which is named  MobilityGuru Token. The Token is rated on both and Cryptototem with a quantity of 24,000,000 for sale at $0.05 per token. Here, a lucrative offer is suggested as the investor can now avail of a 15% bonus valid till 23rd, August. The company is focusing more on the Trading pairs BTC & USDT and BSE 20 protocol with low gas fees.

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It is estimated that the cost of the transaction/ gas fees on the platform will be about $0.15/ transaction upon the integration of the GURU in the listing platform. Though most listings are free of cost, some paid options such as bump up, banner ads, and top category will still be there to generate the revenue. The users with the highest number of transactions will also be incentivized with free MobilityGuru Tokens.

The company has decided that soon the transactions can be initiated using the GURU tokens where both the buyers and the sellers have the right to rate one another based on their satisfaction level.

In conclusion, the initiative taken by MobilityGuru can bring in a significant change in the development of the global marketplace. Now people from this special category can have access to a resource that will make their life easier than before. However, to avail of a 15% bonus, you can now go to

Source :MobilityGuru Ltd

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