Offgrid's Faraday Bags Offer the Best Shield for Digital Data Protection

Apr 02, 2021

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Faraday bags shield devices from outside signals to prevent data from being altered, deleted, or added to a device. This security is more crucial than ever given today’s cyber dangers.

Santa Barbara, California Apr 1, 2021 ( - Offgrid's security product, Faraday bags, shield devices from outside signals to prevent data from being altered, deleted, or added to a device. This security is more crucial than ever given today's cyber dangers. In addition to obvious cyber protection, Faraday bags can be used to block radiation, remain off the grid, or protect against car theft. While reasons to use a Faraday bag may vary, their benefits do not.

Premium cybersecurity is no longer reserved exclusively for elite military and police forces. Offgrid products make the protective technology used by even the most advanced security firms accessible to everyone. Offgrid was founded on the belief that cybersecurity is an uncompromisable necessity in this day and age. They believe that every device, from the smallest key fob to the most extensive police equipment, deserves equal protection. The products are created to grant peace of mind when it comes to personal and professional data. This assurance of data protection empowers the use of devices freely and with the confidence that online presence is safe from unwanted intrusion.

Your location and activity can be tracked through digital devices. Protect yourself against security breaches with an OffGrid bag. They are designed to make your electronic devices invisible to GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5G, RFID, FM Radio, cellular networks, and all other wireless technologies, making it impossible for hackers to steal your personal information. The bags use Faraday technology to effectively isolate devices from all RF signals so they cannot be hacked, tracked, or detected. Each bag is lined with four layers of Faraday material to shield devices. The innermost layer is constructed of a diamond rip-stop Faraday fabric to prevent abrasion from devices. This bag employs a single-fold Velcro seal that is backed by a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure creates a continuous closed loop to eliminate any gaps that can be infiltrated by signals. The minimalist form of the bag makes this discreet accessory easily transportable for day-to-day use. Shield all your digital devices such as mobiles, ID and digital payments, key fobs, laptops, and tablets with reliable shielding and device protection that is lightweight and easy to use.

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Offgrid is changing the way data protection has been perceived and implemented over the years by bringing the opportunity of data protection literally to your doors. They pioneered the technology and designed their Faraday bags to bring maximum security to personal data. Learn about the importance of Faraday bags by tuning into an educational video with cyber expert Sammy Basu at . Get your bag today and start protecting your digital privacy by checking out their official website at


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