Passionpreneur Publishing announces the global release of Don't Set Goals...Achieve Them!

Feb 01, 2022

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The inspiring book by Imowo Enang is now available via major players in the global book distribution field.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Feb 1, 2022 ( - Passionpreneur Publishing has announced the release of Don't Set Goals...Achieve Them! by Imowo Enang via the publishing industry's largest global book distribution networks. The book is anticipated to have an inspiring and profound effect on its target audience.

In this must-read book, author Imowo Enang shares invaluable insights, tools, and techniques to help you understand the most common mistakes people often make when setting their goals, why the act of setting goals can actually hurt your performance, and what to do to overcome this block and actually achieve your goals.

Don't Set Goals...Achieve Them! Is a fresh and insightful read on why the way the brain perceives goal-setting can actually hinder you on your way to achieving them, and offers a practical guide with which you can build momentum whilst avoiding all the traps that can stop you from getting there.

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If you've been struggling to achieve the goals you set for yourself, this is the book you need to understand the psychology behind goal setting. You'll learn how to sidestep the pitfalls and actually get where you want to be rather than fall into a rut. Packed with insights from all that Imowo has learned through his career, Imowo's practical guide with out-of-the-box thinking is sure to give you a new outlook on setting and achieving your goals.

If you're looking for the ultimate guide to skyrocket your abilities to achieve sustainable growth and win the game of life with a fool-proof end-to-end method, Don't Set Goals...Achieve Them! is the book you're looking for.

The book is now available to inspire readers across the globe through the IngramSpark distribution network and other affiliates which will cover print-on-demand across the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. The e-book is available in 25+ online bookstores like Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books in the Middle East.



    This amazing book is loaded with many lessons on how to accomplish your goals and important ideas! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to implement these lessons into their everyday lives.

    - Brian Tracy
    Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Consultant


    Setting goals without achieving them is daydreaming. Imowo shares practical ways how to stop daydreaming & achieve your goals. Great tools to fill the gap between setting goals to achieving them.

    - Pegah Gol
    Author of Amazon #1 Bestselling Book "The Formula" and Career Coach


    About the Author

    Imowo has over thirteen years of experience in commercial strategy, operational efficiency, and transformational leadership. He currently works as an executive in one of the largest FMCG organisations globally. Born and initially raised in Nigeria, Imowo has travelled and lived in several countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe for his work and education from Bachelors, MBA, up to his ongoing doctoral program. Imowo is also a chartered manager, Lean Theory practitioner, and Success Principles coach from the Canfield Training Group.


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