Sep 23, 2022

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Miami Beach, Florida Sep 16, 2022 ( - PRINCE EMEKA OJUKWU - PRINCE OF PEACE


"WORLD PEACE can be achieved", according to Prince Emeka Ojukwu, Founder of Music Africa Awake (MUAFA) having had the experience of the successful Nigeria Reggae Festival in 2015, the event has become a platform for Peace, Love, and Unity. Prince Emeka Ojukwu created this to be an annual event. Behind the scenes, Prince Emeka formulated a reconciliation committee created to bring all parties of conflict all over to speak on what the issues are and possible solutions all looking at World Peace and maintaining Peace as the outcome. The Peace Ambassadors have been awarded that status by Prince Emeka Ojukwu based on their personal history of having brought people together for a common cause. Peace Ambassadors Worldwide are already having success and leading the Peace Initiative is Prince Emeka Ojukwu as he is a living testament to his acts as PEACEMAKER.

As the PRINCE OF PEACE, you are standing on the threshold of a worldwide event based on your primary goal of WORLD PEACE and you are being looked at as the man that can deliver PEACE to a very needy world. We recognize that you have collectively brought people from all faiths and traditions together to share many of the same values as you do, you have this opportunity to explain why WORLD PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY are so dear to you and we are anticipating wonderful accomplishments by you, your staff and the Peace Ambassadors. To the billions of people that want peace and harmony in the world and the inclusion of interfaith, this is an opportunity for people to know who you are as we do. Congratulations on taking on this position of Prince of Peace.

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The NIGERIA REGGAE FESTIVAL (NIREF) will begin on Friday, November 11th until Sunday, November 13, 2022. We are having a 3-day event featuring Local and International Reggae Musicians coming together to share their talents of ONE LOVE. "The Nigerian Reggae Peace Festival platform will showcase global fashion, food & culture exchanges, all happening right in the heart of the Trade Fair Complex, located next to Trade Fair Motel. We also would like to raise awareness by discussing Climate Change which has impacted our country and others around the globe", Nigeria Reggae Festival.
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