Process Master Launched Salestrip Software to Boost Business Productivity Boundlessly

Aug 30, 2021

Remote Detailing

Salestrip SFA Remote Detailing solution provides virtual engagement – one of the most promising ways to reach HCPs.

Mumbai, Maharashtra Aug 30, 2021 ( - Pharma salesforce stays at the heart of the company because they represent the company's products in the market. The toughest part of their job is to squeeze out the time for meetings, then convincing the HCPs (Health Care Providers) for drugs, and then sealing the deal. Unfortunately, traditional means won't allow the sales representatives to make the most out of the time, data, and opportunities hidden in plain sight. The efforts of such worthy people of the company are going in vain.  

The pharma industry, which is slow to technology adoption has witnessed side effects in terms of reduced sales and negative ROI. That's why leading players are warmly embracing powerful applications including E-detailing, virtual engagement, remote meetings, and more that can take salesforce productivity to the next level.  

To bridge the gap & to overcome such obstacles, PROCESS MASTER TECHNOLOGIES which is leading the change with software development, launched the Salestrip SFA tool that excels in empowering pharma businesses by allowing HCPs to learn remotely, providing digital tools for clinical decisions, facilitating video conferencing, and offering contextual content. PROCESS MASTER has helped businesses to accelerate digital change and maximize profitability. The team of pure gems behind the scenes goes the extra mile to add value to the client's project.  

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Salestrip SFA has worked wonders in increasing the pharma salesforce effectiveness with improved connection, collaboration, and compliance adherence during pandemic times. It has helped in maintaining the remote interactions with HCPs when all in-person visits were restricted. In fact, this potential tool has increased the engagement duration more, rather than in-person meetings.  

The Salestrip SFA has already been welcomed & praised a lot by HCPs as nowadays, they don't have time to entertain sales representatives because of their hectic schedules and can go through the tailored content at their convenient time. The time of sales representatives which used to get wasted in the doctor's waiting room or traveling could be saved now and can be invested in understanding the HCPs' preferences and making them interested in the drug with personalized presentation creation. It increases the salesforce outcome and lets them accomplish the goals in reduced time and resources.  

With changing scenarios, it's important to keep Sales representatives upgraded with the requisite skills and knowledge, which is undoubtedly a time-consuming process and requires a huge amount as well. The software eliminates the same by allowing the Sales representatives to learn anytime, anywhere through their mobile devices.  

Additionally, the queries raised by the HCPs during the meetings require their Sales representatives to answer right at the moment. Else, cracking the deal becomes trickier. That's where Salestrip analytics works wonders by unfolding the hidden sales patterns, trends, and important facts & figures that bring winning upshots.  


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