Real Estate provides the highest returns, the greatest value & least risks: Fidu Properties

Apr 15, 2020

Dubai UAE: April 06, 2020: Fidu Properties, one of the leading Chinese companies in the UAE property market, has emphasized that the real estate sector – particularly in Dubai and the UAE – provides the highest returns, the greatest value on investments with the least level of risks even in the current scenario.

The company has said that at a time when all business sectors have taken a hit due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic and its effects globally, the real estate sector in Dubai and the UAE offers the maximum potential for growth and the best returns. The time to invest in the Dubai property market is now with the current price levels, the company emphasized.

Fidu Properties is of the view that the current bottomed-out price levels of real estate in Dubai offers not only the flexible of lower risks but also great returns and value with high rental yields in the coming years.

Coupled with this is the trend from real estate developers in Dubai, who are offering heavy incentives to attract property buyers with increased preferences to buy instead of renting these days. 

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Since investing in the real estate sector is the best type of investments, the investors are increasingly looking at Dubai as one of the most important regions for investing in the real estate sector. Given this scenario, it makes perfect sense to invest in an area which offers the highest returns on investments and long-term appreciation.

Also, with the diversity of investment opportunities on offer in Dubai give the emirate an added advantage. With the Real Estate Regulatory Agency also coming up with its supporting regulations, things are expected to only improve from here on. RERA is regulating the market and pushing the ‘sick’ projects into liquidation. This can be leveraged adequately in view of the wide project mix on offer.

On the other hand, the landlords are concurrently upgrading their properties to make it stand out from other identical units and offering furnishing and all-inclusive pricing to make it lucrative for the buyers.