Sandalwood Advisors Participates in Battlefin Conference and Delivers Speech

May 23, 2023

New York City, New York May 22, 2023 ( - Chloe Dong, Senior Analyst at Sandalwood Advisors, was invited to speak at the BattleFin Discovery Day conference held in New York. The conference brought together cutting-edge alternative data providers to showcase the latest applications of datasets in finding Alpha. This year, the event added a series of thematic discussions called "Data Mosaic," inviting multiple data providers to explore and discuss trends and insights they have observed in specific industries, stocks, and sectors.

Chloe Dong presented the session titled "Global Perspective: Uncovering Predictive Datasets," discussing how the latest datasets can inspire data-driven insights and provide unique market perspectives to investors, enabling them to achieve excess returns in a complex investment environment.

Host Tony Berkman interviewed Chloe about the application of big data:

Tony Berkman: In what ways can alternative data be used to supplement traditional financial analysis and provide unique insights into the Asia economy and markets?

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Chole Dong: Traditional financial data sources such as company financial statements and macroeconomic indicators have limitations in capturing the full picture of what's happening in Asia as they can be lagging. However, alternative data sources, such as social media, transaction data, and user cohorts, can provide a more granular and real-time view of the Asia economy and markets. For example, alternative data can provide early indications of changes in consumer behavior or preferences. So combining traditional financial analysis with alternative data can give investors a more comprehensive understanding of the market and identify unique investment opportunities that may not be apparent from financial statements alone.

Tony Berkman: Can you give an example of an Asia dataset that you've used in your research, and how it provided predictive power?

Chole Dong: We used an Asia ecommerce dataset to gain unique insights into consumer behavior and emerging trends for all kinds of companies. This is especially important for tracking international companies looking to expand their Asia business. One example we saw recently is Lululemon, a company that aggressively expanded into China. We used ecommerce data to precisely capture Lululemon's strong demand in China, particularly after stores reopened, and that was reflected in their stock price as well. Therefore, alternative data sources like ecommerce data can really help provide predictive insights to inform investment decisions.

Tony Berkman: What is the most common misconception people have when they use your data? And how have you helped resolve it?

    Chole Dong: One of the most common misconceptions people have when they use data is that it provides a complete picture of the market or companys overall performance, without any caveats or limitations. However, as with any dataset, it's important to understand the data coverage and how it represents the underlying reality. For example, due to the offline activities recovery in 1Q23, channel dynamics leads to lots of sportswear name's online sales normalized or softened. However, it doesnt mean the company's overall performance is weak. Instead, it means channel shifts from online to offline channels, so it's important to look at data from multiple channels and sources, and understand the coverage and limitations of each of data source. To address this misconception, we work closely with our clients to help them understand the strengths and limitations of our data, and how it can be integrated with other datasets and analysis techniques to derive actionable insights. We also provide extensive documentation and training on how to interpret the data.

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