Surprising Tan Swee Leon Opinions on Digital Marketing

Apr 05, 2021

Tan Swee Leon

Tan Swee Leon Opinions on Digital Marketing

Singapore, Singapore Apr 5, 2021 ( - Tan Swee Leon says that The exponential growth of digital channels has driven the importance of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a mechanism through which people create and share content and experiences to connect with other companies and their businesses. Digital marketing is not just about channels,

Customers do not interact with businesses through billboards and print ads, so digital marketing provides a way for a business to communicate with its actual and potential customers. While traditional marketing is static and refers to one-way communication, digital marketing transforms this into a dynamic process Tan Swee Leon added.

In brief, digital marketing refers to marketing techniques carried out by electronic media. It covers all online marketing efforts that are brought out over the Internet. When conducting digital marketing, companies use websites, search engines, blogs, social media, videos, emails, and similar channels to reach their target audience.

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It is also cheaper than traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing enables you to track campaigns on a daily basis and reduce the amount of money you spend on specific channels when they do not have a high ROI. The same does not apply to traditional methods of promotion.

Before you start digital marketing, it is crucial that you first identify and define your goals so that you can develop your strategy based on these goals. In digital marketing: define your goals clearly and consistently. Find a good equilibrium between paid and free digital approaches.

I have found that many companies with a digital approach do not have clear strategic objectives as to what they want to achieve in terms of bringing new clients or building deeper relationships with existing ones. If you don't have smart digital marketing goals, you won't invest enough resources in achieving those goals, and you can't judge analytics by how well you achieve them said, Tan Swee Leon

A digital marketing strategy for brands should take these objectives into account and look at all available tools to determine how the target customer can be reached at each stage of the sales funnel and when this will happen. Digital marketing should also consider individual tools to transform the outlook. A strategy for the digital marketing of a brand can use multiple platforms or focus its efforts on a single platform.

    Email marketing is seen as cheap compared to other forms of digital marketing because it is a way to convey a message like its value proposition to existing and potential customers. Email marketing can be perceived by recipients as disruptive or irritating to new potential customers, and the success of email marketing depends heavily on the language and visual appeal that is applied.

    Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. It is a tool to get in touch with your potential customers, the people who are interested in your brand. Many people confuse email marketing with spam email messages, but this is not email marketing Tan Swee Leon later added

    Creating a sense of urgency when writing e-mail copies - telling your recipients that the time for a special offer is running out or that a limited number of offers are available - will increase the number of people clicking on your website. Personalizing your email by setting the subject line and including the recipient's name is a proven method to increase open and click-through rates. Letting recipients set their preferences - allowing users to set what they want to hear from you - will help your email subscribers subscribe to your list and click on your emails.

    Even if you have enough resources, they can be wasted. Inadequate resources are devoted to the plan and implementation of e-marketing, and specific e-marketing skills are likely to be lacking, making it hard to respond to competitive threats.

    In the world of search engines, retargeting, social media, and email marketing, we are so habitual in marketing products that are important to us that we neglect those that are not relevant to us. We're used to having total control. We record everything to be faster and more extra commercial.
    By Tan Swee Leon

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