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Aug 22, 2022

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Chesapeake, Virginia Jan 25, 2020 ( - Believe it or not, a Podcast is hot! People want to hear what you have to say, learn something from your knowledge or skill. They want to hear your opinions, and express their own, so why not express yours? The #LJDN (acronyms for Lina Jones Diamond Network) brand home of has been around 6  years growing quietly via social media and on BlogTalk  The LJDNShow has 11,000 downloads by itself. The brand added music about 2 years ago with this online radio station streams independent artist music and ASCAP commercially licensed music. It also has podcast shows On-Demand. The #LJDNetwork will be opening a podcast, music and video studio space for rent here in Chesapeake, this state-of-the-art studio will allow people to make their podcasts in a private quiet environment. The stylish studio offers equipment, mics, lights even a studio engineer to help you with your podcast if needed. For those more experienced they can rent the space and make their own podcast using their own equipment.

Podcast was popularized by MTVs popular podcaster Adam Curry known as the Podfather, according to then iTunes picked it up in 2005. Otherwise known as audio blogging has now innovated into a podcast. If you have the gift of gab or know a lot of stuff about a variety of different things podcasting could be right for you. It empowers you and helps you come out of those shy shells, and you'd be surprised how many people want to hear what you have to say. Along with podcasts we have Studio #2 which you can tape your own video production or use the space for portraits if you are a photographer. LJDNRadio is a commercially licensed online radio station that plays a mixture of independent artist music and commercial music. We have openings available for DJs and Mix Masters offering them a 2.5-hour mix spread as well. We have all types of things happening here, you can use our equipment with a Studio Engineer or bring your own. We even provide a workstation and makeup station. You can edit your productions at our workstation using your own equipment. Our prices are reasonable and you don't have to join the LJDNetwork although the #diamonds are awesome.

To me, one of the great things about podcasts is the lack of visuals which requires us to imagine, says in an article by

In a world full of visuals sometimes it is easier to talk to people when there's no one visually there looking at you. LJ

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We will be having our grand opening on Saturday, February 8th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. For more information or to book your first podcast visit our website at or from 11:00 to 10:00 PM. Entrance is by appointment only appointments are available for earlier time if you call in. Our address is 1157 S Military Highway Suite 101B in Chesapeake VA 2330 there is a map available on the LJDNetwork website.

The phone number is 757 3371132 in our email is temporarily [email protected].

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