The Jazz Infused Metal Melodies of Italian Musician Riccardo Moccia Effortlessly Tops the Popularity Chart

Well-known Italy music composer Riccardo Moccia shares his musical knowledge with the rest of the world composing the finest instrumental melodies of this decade.

Rome, Lazio May 10, 2021 ( - The incredible fusion of jazz and metal music is something extremely new to the global music scene. Eminent singer and composer, Riccardo Moccia has made the union of these musical forms possible utilizing his exceptional thematic understandings and creative mind. His musical compositions are full of life and exuberance, creating a safe haven for individuals looking for an escape from their reality. As a master of instruments, he has shown great skills in making extraordinary sounds and textures through his reverberated guitar riffs. He is regarded as one of the best progressive metal musicians of the decade with his mind-blowing compositions.

The multi-talented Italy music composer Riccardo Moccia is also a sound engineer, making brilliant musical pieces for years. He has always been quite interested in music-making from his childhood. As he grew up he became more interested in rock and metal music. He started to play guitar at a young age began expressing his thoughts and feeling through it. Companioning elements from various other genres, he has become a pioneer at creating extraordinary versatility in just a matter of time. All his compositions are quite different from each other as he introduces a newer style in his every creation.

The hard-working musician has established his very own production house Altamira Multimedia. And under that label, he has been delivering top-quality rock bangers that satisfy his fans. Riccardo Moccia has released two albums, 'Percorsi' and 'Concertless' that has gained his vast popularity and recognition in the industry. The unique and unparalleled rhythmic weave and instrumental grandeur have mesmerized the audience casting a spell over them. His signature instrumental cadence is heard in his other creations such as 'Unknowme', 'Pulsing', 'No Way Out', 'Misunderstanding' and more. The boisterous energy in their symphony makes them hard to ignore. Listen to him on SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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