The Nikki Williams Studio Redefines Luxury and Innovation in Design

Nov 03, 2023

Nikki Williams Christmas Design Expertise

Malibu, California Nov 2, 2023 ( - Nikki Williams Studio Redefines Luxury and Innovation in Design

Nikki Williams Studio, a leading force in the world of interior design, stands as a beacon of innovation and luxury in the industry. The words of Founder and CEO Nikki Williams, For me, innovation means intuitive listening and the ability to take creative action without restrictive thoughts, embody the spirit that drives the studio to new heights.

A Minimalist. Luxury. Modern Lifestyle

Since its inception in 2020, Nikki Williams Studio has remained committed to crafting a Minimalist. Luxury. Modern lifestyle that resonates with the discerning clientele. With its headquarters nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Malibu, California, the studio operates as a hub for collaboration, working with exceptional designers, artisans, manufacturers, and talent across the industry. This integrated approach enhances the value of their work, culminating in an exquisite collection of luxury home furnishings that sets global standards.

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A Vision Beyond Curating

Nikki Williams Studio is more than just a purveyor of products; its a visionary platform that transcends boundaries. The studio is expanding its horizons from curating and selling products to the creation and sale of immersive spaces. By curating an ecosystem of products, places, services, and spaces, Nikki Williams Studio is asserting its influence as a global thought leader and space maker. With projects ranging from high-end residential to boutique commercial properties, the studio demonstrates its prowess with project budgets spanning from $300K to multimillion-dollar ventures.

The brands unique ability to seamlessly blend minimalist aesthetics with luxurious elements has garnered it a place among the industrys elite.

This collaboration with local alchemist UBILAM Malibu was initiated in 2022 with the launch of Nikki Williams Studio limited edition Christmas collection and featured an exclusive Seas The Day candle curated clean home fragrance in sustainable concrete vessel inspired by Coda Malibu interior design.

    2023 will feature a luxury exclusive Malibu Home home fragrance spray UBILAM Malibu + Nikki Williams Studio.

    Nikki Williams Studios journey is a testament to the power of innovative design thinking, guided by the visionary leadership of Nikki Williams herself. As the brand continues to redefine spaces and set new standards in the world of design, it solidifies its place as a trailblazer in luxury living.


    After studying architecture and engineering Nikkis love for interior space planning, material selections, and lighting design drove her to work for over 20 years as a set designer, concert lighting designer, and entertainment company owner establishing DYANI Entertainment (IG: @Dyanientertainment), with a love for concerts. It was along the path of many years working in entertainment as a songwriter, high-fashion runway model, and merchandising manager on tours for Beyonce, Jay Z, U2, The Rolling Stones and so many more that she found an opportunity to introduce a career in interior design. Her fondest memory is attending The Jackson 5 concert in the arms of her mom who taught Michael Jackson in primary school. Nikkis mother expressed her passion for the enjoyment of spaces that she had created since childhood and following an unexpected death she was celebrated on Christmas Eve. In the 20 years since it was difficult to enjoy the Christmas season each year. Last year in honor of her memory, Nikki Williams Studio initiated the process of healing by partnering with UBILAM Malibu and Coda Malibu to create amazing luxury Christmas decor and products for high-end clientele. This year the company expanded to develop a product line that enhances the opportunity for designing Christmas in the homes of an established clientele base.

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