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Florida, United States May 22, 2023 ( - The Pro Padel League (PPL) kickoff confirms the exponential growth this sport has in the world. The first professional league in the United States and Canada started the regular season this spring in Tampa, Florida, with seven teams of four players per team. The subsequent stage will be the Final PPL Championship.

This represents a major event since a new circuit has been formed and will allow the sport to grow exponentially in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This event envisions Padel becoming the most played sport in North America. The precedent is the Tri-national Padel Tournament held with the participation of these three countries in Acapulco, Mexico, in 1993, emphasized the Notary Ignacio Soto Borja, the global Padel main precursor and researcher.

He stressed the competition taking place in Tampa, a city on Florida Gulf Coast, is of great relevance since it is a place of commercial and cultural importance, that by adopting Padel as a sport -born in America and with origins in the Ball Game the community identity and sporting and family gatherings will be strengthened.

Soto Borja y Anda specified that the seven teams involved in the PPL, namely: Toronto, Miami, Cancún, Los Ángeles, San Diego, Arkansas and Las Vegas, encourage more people to practice this Mexican sport that was born in 1969 in the port from Acapulco; In addition to the number of fans and athletes will rise, the number of clubs and courts will also increase, while more women are involved in this discipline.

He noted that the great boom Padel has had in the world is also because athletes from other disciplines are supporting and practicing it; such is the case of Juan Martín del Potro, a tennis legend, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi, prominent footballers and several Formula 1 drivers who practice Padel in their spare time; as well as singers, actors and artists from all over the world who have declared themselves fans.

Therefore, Ignacio Soto Borja highlighted that Padel is going through a moment of great growth since there are Padel courts and clubs everywhere; many sports clubs and centers, both public and private, are incorporating courts into their facilities due to its high demand, which can be demonstrated by the wide range of accessories, clothing and paddles sold in any sports store.

In addition, he pointed out that women are becoming even more interested in this sport, and the demand for exclusive women's leagues and tournaments is increasing; what all this reflects is that Padel is a great alternative for them and the whole family".

The United States Padel Association (USPA) President and world pioneer of Padel, Marcos del Pilar, highlighted that this discipline now has more than 25 million players worldwide and its popularity is spreading in the United States, where the number of Padel courts will double this year. More than eight million athletes are expected to play in the US by 2030.

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Meanwhile, Nancy Malone, president of Pádel Canada and PPL adviser, agreed that "Padel is exploding all over the world", including Canada and the United States that already have the PPL, in which where athletes will compete in teams instead of the standard doubles format.

She said that the five thousand Padel courts in Mexico and the 10,000 courts built in Europe since 2019 reaffirm the impending explosion of the sport in North America.

They were at this event Keith Stein, Pro Pádel Leagues co-founder; as special guests, the former German ATP professional tennis player, Tommy Haas; the former Argentine tennis player with a 17-year professional career, Juan Martín del Potro; the famous puerto rican singer, Daddy Yankee; the best ranked Padel former player in Mexico, Ana María Cabrejas; Jared Palmer, former professional tennis player who won 28 titles; Italian soccer player, Sebastián Giovinco.

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