This PhD scholar from Latur bags 'The Most Educated Member of 16th Lok Sabha' title

Sep 07, 2021

Dr sunil gaikwad

DR Sunil Baliram Gaikwad

Latur, Maharashtra Sep 7, 2021 ( - Education in India is not available to everyone, it is sometimes seen as a privilege to those who can't even make it to the end of the day. Many prominent examples in India show how people from such backgrounds have made their mark in the entire country, especially in rural areas. Dr. Sunil Baliram Gaikwad is one of those exceptional examples who rose from a small district of Latur, Maharashtra, and recently made a record in High Range of World Records as the 'Most Educated Member of 16th Lok Sabha', he holds a PhD degree in Management Science, D.Litt in Marketing Management) and D.Sc in Management Science which is a great achievement in one's lifetime.


But not all politicians are not highly-educated like him. Many scholars believe that in India one of the main problems eating up the political system is the general lack of education amongst politicians. Knowledge is power and it helps to build a perspective for an individual that is extremely imperative for managing an entire country. Educated politicians in India have a better perspective on various stigmas of society and people like Dr. Gaikwad are working hard towards such discrimination and making India a better place for the Backward communities and Dalit community. He has made exceptional efforts to bring people from these communities to the limelight and improve their educational qualifications. Dr. Sunil Gaikwad who is a true believer of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar said "Every Politician must be educated enough to clear up the problems of his department, every department has different education but education is the key to open up and development of all issues."

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He also added that everyone doesn't understand Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's ideology about knowledge well. Ambedkar used knowledge as his power to fight for the rights and equality of Dalits and today also politicians should use education as a weapon. Babasaheb Ambedkar gained so much knowledge even after facing challenges of being a Dalit and promoted knowledge as the primary weapon to a successful nation. He started his education by doing B.A. (English), B.A. (Hindi), N.D., D.N.Y.S. and later he pursued M.D. (ACU), B.M.C.J., M.A. (Pol.Sc.), M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism), M.B.A (Marketing). Over the years, Dr. Gaikwad has taken many roles in his career front right from being a publisher of Vatsala Baliram Prakashan Kendra's daily newspapers Dainik Suputra, Dainik Lokshasan, Dainik Lokaprabodhan (Sambhajinagar), and Marathi monthly magazine Anusadhya to becoming an Indian Politician and a Member of Parliament.


 Even after losing the election by 7000 votes in 2009 in the Latur Lok Sabha seat, he didn't lose hope and finally won the 2014 elections from the Latur constituency as a BJP candidate. He held positions from 2014 to 2019 as a Member of Parliament. He has won many awards over the years. He has been awarded the "Indo Nepal Dalit Maitri Sangh and babu Jagjivanram Kala and Sanskriti and Sahitya Akademi confer the B.R. Ambedkar International Award for eminent social worker socio-political contribution at Lumbini, Nepal in a grand ceremony. He also won 'Samaj Seva Puruskar' in 2020 by the Governor of Maharashtra and 'Rashtriya Samaj Seva Ratna' in MP by a Human Rights Foundation. Even after coming from a small rural area, Dr. Sunil Gaikwad has achieved so much knowledge one can only imagine. He played a pivotal role in bringing fundamental development.



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