Travel For All partners with the world’s leading travel companion brand

Mar 15, 2020

Global Accessible travel specialists Travel For All have today announced a partnership with Medical Travel Companions, the world’s leading provider of a full range of professional travel companion services. 

“Our clients have specific requirements that must be addressed when they travel, sometimes it’s just companionship and other times it’s a medical necessity. Our partnership gives our clients the ability to travel confidently.” 

Tarita Davenock, CEO, Travel For All 

Medical Travel Companions aids passengers including families with young children, people with disabilities, elderly travellers, passengers recovering from injury and surgery, and more. The solutions are custom designed to your needs, from door to door assistance for the duration of the holiday, airport transfers or support at the destination. The team includes nannies, nurses and paramedics and their role can range from a companion to medical responsibilities such as administration of medicine and wound management. 

“We take the stress out of travel and transfers with a personalised experience that can take you from your home, through to arriving at the airport gate, checking into your hotel, or stepping aboard your cruise. We can also provide expert staff to stay with you throughout the duration of your holiday, a great option for families or for travelers with special needs” 

“We are Global Leader in Accessible Travel, we customize vacations, and specialize in helping travelers with various ‘Special Requirements’ – cane users, slow walkers, complex health issues (Dialysis), Developmental Disabilities, hearing/sight impairment and wheelchair users”. 

“Travel can set you worlds apart from the everyday while enriching your life with memorable moments! Let the world be your oyster!” 

Tarita Davenock, CEO, Travel For All