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Dublin, Ireland Nov 17, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - Do you want to take a guaranteed fun trip? The Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour organization offers a variety of tours, including a Dublin ghost bus Tour and Dublin ghost walk, as well as The Hellfire Club Dublin Tour, for which we own the exclusive license. Depending on the time of year, visitors may witness early or late sunsets, rain or mist, darkness or brightness, but the tour places and experiences are always worthwhile. We guarantee stunning views, a wonderful sense of accomplishment, and an authentic Irish bonding experience. The experience will be considerably more enjoyable if you bring along some pals.

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Tours we undertake:

Do you wish to have an enjoyable vacation in Dublin and are interested in the supernatural or paranormal? Or do you want to adventure with stunning mountain views and a one-of-a-kind, interactive storytelling encounter? The Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour is just what you need. Here are the tours available:

  • Dublin Ghost Bus Tour:

You may take the best ghost tour Dublin with the Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour Company. If you're looking for a good time in Dublin, this is it. The Banshee bus will whisk you away to a mystical spot to the southwest of Dublin as the sun sets. This leisurely trek starts in the Dublin Mountains and ends at the top of the fabled Montpelier Hill. It's the only tour of its kind, and it offers breathtaking panoramas of Dublin. The Dublin ghost tour is a 3-hour-long, daily event. Because of this, you can rest assured that you will enjoy yourself whenever you choose.

  • The Hell Fire Club: Dublin Ghost tour

Montpelier Hill, or as the locals of Dublin call it, The Hellfire Club, is a beautiful area to take a stroll. It offers excellent views over the city to the southwest and is home to many small forest trails. Given the nature of the area's history, the tour's primary narrative is determined by the dark mysteries that started to be uncovered after people visited the place. During the tour, you are surrounded by nature while we navigate the paths and its environment. At the summit, we find the remains of a Megalithic site and tomb dated back to the great ancients of Ireland before B.C. It is said that they had been sleeping soundly until some extreme free masons decided to wake them up.

In 1735, the area was looted and burned to the ground so that materials could be salvaged for use in the construction of a hunting lodge. The Hell Fire Club is now the legendary name for this lodge. Because of the club's mysterious nature, some began to assume its members worshipped the Devil. At night, there is a peculiar atmosphere with remnants of satanic activities. We may see these ghosts together.

  • The Legend:

It is stated that men's idle hands brought about the horror at the location. The Dublin ghost tour will come alive as your Horror Hike guide explains the history of the Hell Fire Club and Montpelier Hill. The Dublin ghost bus tour TripAdvisor provides a safe and guided environment to explore and take photos from various vantage points.

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Things to note while planning the Dublin Ghost Bus Tour.

Before booking a ghost tour in Dublin, here are some things you must consider and recommend by Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour Company:

Note that tours have a starting point, which is the historic gates of St. Audeon Church on Cook Street. And tour departure time is subject to a 10-minute grace period. The Banshee is the name of the company's transportation to Montpelier Hill. She is a Mercedes-built bus with 20 plush seats and wide-view windows for the best sightseeing experience. However, because of the unpredictability of the Irish climate, visitors are advised to pack rain clothing and sturdy shoes with ankle support for these tours.

The hike is easy, but remember that the uphill slopes will test your stamina. Note that the journey requires a vigorous 20-minute climb that may be too much for anyone with heart or mobility problems. Another crucial point is that the local tour operator will not be held liable for any accidents, thefts, or other damages that may occur during the tour, and they have the right to deny anyone entry or cancel the tour at any moment. By signing up for the Horror Hike Hellfire special tour, you attest that you are of sound mind and body to handle the rigors of an experience of this kind. 

Currently, the company regrets that this tour can only be offered to adult visitors due to the severe nature of our investigation into the mysteries and lore surrounding the Hellfire Clubstrictly no children. Lastly, please be aware that there are no toilets and bathroom facilities in the Dublin Mountains and its tour sites. Therefore, relieve yourself before the adventure kicks off.

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Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour bookings

With Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour, you can book a group or private ghost tour in Dublin.

  • Private Ghost Tour Dublin:

We are happy to arrange private walks any day of the week if you are seeking something unique to do for a team-building event or a family celebration. Just contact us and let us plan the tour together. The tour duration can be adjusted to suit your needs. Since we always contract our guides for a minimum of 3 hours, the shorter trips cost the same as the longer ones.

  • Dublin Ghost Tours for Large Groups:

Taking one of these trips with friends is a great time. Your group of twenty will ride in comfort in the Banshee. The journey begins at the church's original Cook Street entrance, St. Audeon. There is a ten-minute buffer included in the tour departure time. You can get a full refund if you cancel the experience at least 24 hours before it is scheduled to begin.

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The Dublin ghost bus tour is one of the most memorable tours in Dublin City. Our small group tour, the Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour, departs from a site to the southwest of Dublin city to begin a leisurely hike up the Dublin Mountains to the summit of the renowned and enigmatic Montpelier hilltop to Hellfire Club. All we require from you is the endurance of the tour and suitable clothing as it's a bit difficult and not allowed for people with breathing problems. Whether a private or group booking, Horror Hike Dublin Ghost Tour is the right choice. Check us out at: https://www.horrorhike.ie/

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