Upscaling Anime Photos Online, VanceAI Updates AI Anime Upscaler

Mar 31, 2022

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Mar 31, 2022 ( - March 31, VanceAI, a fast-growing image editing software company, has updated the real-esrgan feature of Anime Upscaler for anyone who wants to auto-upscale anime image quality.


Japanimation enjoys great popularity worldwide, and animation fans increase significantly with the quadratic element. Anime lovers like to collect anime images and make them into wallpapers or posters. However, image quality problems such as too small or too large image size and blurriness in the original anime images bother them greatly. Compared to compressing an image, upscaling and maintaining its sharpness is more challenging. VanceAI Anime Upscaler is a tool specially designed for anime lovers and helps them improve animation picture quality, reduce image noise and 16x enlarge picture clarity. It provides a one-stop solution to handle all the anime upscaling issues.


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VanceAI takes into account the need for tools to improve animation quality. It developed the AI Anime Upscaler and continuously updated its features real-esrgan to keep up with user needs and improve the product. The real-esrgan feature provides a more commonly used mode for non-professionals working with anime photos. In contrast, professional anime drawing or design users use the waifu mode more. The newly updated feature can also process digital anime images and camera-taken anime photos. Since the updated real-esrgan attribute is the default port, it also includes the mutual exclusion of effect enhancement and image enlargement, which can maintain the stability of the processing effect. Its Waifu2x method also prevents pixelation and artifacts from occurring. It also reduces noise and compression artifacts in anime and improves photo quality.


VanceAI provides more image editing tools than Anime Upscaler. More online image editing tools such as Toongineer Cartoonizer, old photo restorer AI image enlarger, background remover, etc., satisfy various demands of photo effects. API service for industry developers to add other functional features to develop their photo editing app or achieve higher work efficiency and improve image quality in the photo editing area is also available.


    VanceAI is a fast-growing image editing software company that provides professional online photo editing tools. It offers a wide range of AI-powered photo editing tools that allow people to process photos effortlessly. VanceAI has developed intuitive and powerful cloud-based solutions driven by advanced AI technology since 2020. As a young and ambitious company, it has expanded its products range to 15 cloud-based creative tools to boost efficiency, spark creativity, and simplify workflows. It aims to release more AI-driven and time-saving photo editing solutions in the coming future. Go and check more detailed information about VanceAI products on


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