US -Based Fair Ride Is Ready To Make History by Becoming The First Minority Ride-Hailing Platform in The Industry.

Sep 12, 2022

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New York City, New York Aug 27, 2022 ( - First Minority Based- Radiating Inclusivity and Acceptance.

Mobility is an absolute necessity. Yet, as in most aspects of life, the availability of affordable options can make all the difference. The mobility revolution has spurred an emergence of a new breed of the ride-hailing platform that caters to specific needs and businesses in innovative ways. Fair Ride digital transportation service takes the limelight when it comes to affordable transportation and mobility options. 

The US Fair Ride is the future of mobility and the re-imagination of the daily commute. To offer an environmentally-friendly, fast, and cost-friendly service that will be quick and easy to use, the platform is set to launch its user-friendly ride-hailing apps, including US FairRide for customers and the US FairRide driver app for drivers in New York on 1st September. Furthermore, to let people know about their unrivaled service, they offer the first RideRide free to every customer who downloads the app at the play store. 

Fair Ride Group is a global corporation dedicated to innovative, sustainable, affordable transportation solutions. With a dynamic vision to be a global leader in electric and self-driving cars, they are working towards the future of transportation to make it accessible to everyone.

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Typical cab charges have been on the high side and are too expensive to travel from one point to another. Fair Ride Group's best transportation company is designed to provide cheaper and more reliable alternative transportation services, specifically for commuting to and from a nearby destination, for a lower and discounted price. 

The taxi sector is a billion-dollar industry. But few people enjoy using taxis. For the last hundred years, customers and drivers have been forced to use the same technology: keys and wheels. As a result, customers pay high prices and can never be sure if they will get a fair price when they need a ride. Drivers sometimes work up to 16 hours a day but are rarely rewarded fairly for their work. Instead, companies pocket most of the money that should go to drivers and customers, leaving only 8% tips for drivers. Fair Ride best ride-hailing is here to transform the industry by making it fairer for drivers and customers and offering a safe, fun, and functional platform that serves riders, partners, and drivers.

By providing an exceptional customer experience, appropriate economic incentives, and high technology standards, Fair Ride is creating new standards that will make the industry more respectful and profitable for its players. Drivers can earn up to $3000/W and have access to a simple payment process and income management platform, as well as 24/7 immediate cash-out to credit trip fares to their accounts. To be part of a transparent and rewarding platform as a driver, fill out the form

When asked about the platform's uniqueness, CEO Jacquelin Antoine said, 

    "Over the past decade, travel costs have risen yearly. As the first minority-based ride-hailing platform in the country, we want to create a new way to provide transportation and empower you to be more mobile; FairRide is here to help you move forward. It's the perfect opportunity to make money while making a difference. We are looking for dedicated, energetic drivers who thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. Instead of focusing on profit, we will truly be focused on the much more important thing: making transportation affordable, green, and fair."

    As a new player in the global ride-hailing market, they are setting out to pioneer their unique position by creating a fairer environment for drivers and customers. They do this by setting high standards for driver quality, ensuring transparent pricing structures, and offering the latest driver safety features.

    As more consumers switch to ridesharing platforms, Fair Ride is continually evolving to meet its users' needs to continue offering the best service on the market. In addition, the company provides a service allowing users to book and choose from vehicles, from regular taxis to Luxurious SUVs. This will lead to faster commute times, lower costs for the customer & earnings for drivers, and the professional approach employed by Fair Ride has led to the company being compared to Uber, which is sure to create great interest with potential customers. To know more about their services.

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