Vatika Business Centre continues meeting commitments and fulfilling responsibilities of its clients during these tough times.

Apr 09, 2020

Vatika Business Centre – a well-established brand name in the workspace industry nationwide assures its clients to mitigate their challenges during these troubled times of COVID 19 outbreak by providing significant services, such as – maintenance of office space, providing strong business support services, protecting the assets, providing IT support, undertaking regular sanitization of premises, CCTV monitoring, regular checks on UPS, maintenance of AC plants, DGs, RO plants, fire panels and other such critical services. 

The support staff of Vatika Business Centre are dedicatedly working, without leaving any stone unturned, to ensure that every need of their clients are aptly taken care of. 

Vatika Business Centre completely understands how important it is, in these testing times, to establish a robust support system. Here is the elaborate list of critical support services offered by the VBC team:

 -      Monitoring and maintenance of Office Space – VBC team is actively involved in maintenance activities and undertaking all that is needed to make sure that their clients face no trouble or business disruption. The professional staff is ensuring persistent monitoring and maintenance activities without any overlook.

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-       Protection of Assets Diligently – VBC team has effective procedures in place to keep a close check on the clients’ office assets. They have uptight office security and safety process in place that safeguard from harms, such as fire, water, etc. so that the clients’ assets inside such as stocks, inventory, cash or data, machinery and equipment, etc. are not damaged.


-         Regular IT Support – The IT Support professionals of VBC team are always ready to assist their clients with every issue related to IT & networking. 

    -         Active CCTV Monitoring VBC professionals are positioned to keep a close eye on the assets and premises. They perform seamless monitoring through CCTVs which makes them class-apart. 


    -         Strong Business Support Services – They are offering six major Business Support Services fuelling business continuity of its clients amid these important times as well, namely - Registration & Legal Compliances, Taxation Services, Marketing Services, Concierge Services, IT Support, HR Support, hence offering zero hassle functioning to the clients.  


    -         Regular Sanitization at the premises – The professionally trained staff regularly sanitizes and cleans the office premise.  Cleaning is one of the most important activities ensured by the team. VBC team undertakes the procedures with industry-acclaimed products. 


    -         Customary Checks of UPS & Battery Room – It is known that battery rooms are provided for power backup and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) which may experience enduring issues without regular monitoring and maintenance. VBC team carries out maintenance activities to ensure no technical glitches.


    -         Monitoring of Server Room, Switches and Router – The team ensures effective monitoring and regular checks making certain that there are no technical glitches and the Servers, Switches and Routers are running smoothly.


    -         Call Forwarding Support with EPABX Extensions – With the robust call forwarding system in place, the clients get an opportunity to receive important calls on required extension or mobile phones, hence maintaining minimum disruption in communication. 


    -         Maintenance of AC plants, DGs, RO plants, Fire Panel and other Equipment - The team is always vigilant with its upbeat monitoring features of all the mentioned types of equipment, so that the clients do not have to face any issues in the long run. 


    -         Maximized Pest Control- Ensuring regular pest control activity begets a healthy environment and hence it is always on VBC’s priority list.The organization is taking persistent pest control measures, to make sure that the air is free from bacteria, viruses and other infestations, in the suites, aisles, walkways, and cafeteria.


    These Critical support services delivered by Vatika Business Centre are just the tip of an Iceberg and they are proud to say that the team continues to meet the commitments and responsibilities by mitigating challenges during these times of COVID 19.


    About Vatika Business Centre:

    Vatika Business Centre – the only ISO 9001:2015 certified Indian Business Centre providing ready-to-use Serviced Office Spaces, Co-working Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Virtual Offices and Enterprise Solutions to match your business requirements.  We hold presence across 8 prominent cities in India with 20 business centre including New Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. Vatika Business Centre has become one of the finest providers of high-quality office spaces covering 0.6 Million sq.ft. area and providing 6000+ seats.  All the centres are furnished with premium fit-outs and ergonomically designed furniture. It is the provision of cutting edge technology such as - HD Video Conferencing, IoT enabled Board Rooms and meeting rooms, Digital Flipcharts, High-Speed Internet, App-based locks, Voice command based board rooms besides flexibility to upsize and downsize that has made VBC one of the most sought after office solution providers.