Viveck Shettyy at Colours of Spring -13

Nov 02, 2019

Viveck Shettyy, Life Coach, Yogi and Mystic along with other dignitaries did the honors for the Colours of Spring -13, A group art exhibition by 32 artists from across the country, at Cymroza Art Gallery. This exhibition is an initiative of Aakriti Art Foundation, headed by Manmohan Jaiswal. The other key dignitaries who graced the preview and the inauguration included Manju Lodha, Mickey Mehta, SP Ahuja among others.

This exhibition continues till 3rd November at  Cymroza Art Gallery. Speaking on the occasion, Viveck Shettyy shared a Life Sciences and Mystic knowledge perspective on creativity and art. He opined, "What a painter paints depends on what he thinks, what he thinks depends on what he feels, what he feels depends on the emotion prevailing within his body at that moment. Emotion is nothing but energy in motion. So in a sense what he paints depends on the energy flowing within his body at that moment. I urge each one of you to look at every painting with this depth and this perspective and make an attempt to delve into the energy of the painting and the painter."

Viveck Shettyy, Head Honcho, Indus communications, has been a motivational speaker  and a life coach with a strong focus on Yoga, Life Sciences and Mystic knowledge, for more than 15 years now with over 400 lectures and sessions  to his credit; spread across leading corporate groups, management institutions, NGOs, medical and engineering colleges, international schools and various management forums.

He also conducts one to one classes on a regular basis for ' Mind Management ' and ' Voice Training'. Over 300 students and various professionals and celebrities are now training directly under him for Mind Management. He was conferred with The Mid Day Award for Excellence in Motivational Speaking on 30th May’2019. He has nearly fifty thousand followers on twitter and another one lakh fifty thousand followers on Instagram, with numbers multiplying by the hour. He heads Indus Communications, a 360-degree communication services offering state of the art services in advertising, public relations, event management, and celebrity management to leading corporate, business houses and celebrities. He was conferred with the ‘NAVSHAKTI’ award on 29th April‘2016 for excellence in communications and branding leading to social impact.

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Participating artists include Vrushali Prakash,Vijay Kale, Ramkripal Namdev, Raj Saini, Amol Vijay Chivate, Jalpa Patel,Sapna Agarwal, Anil J. Shinde, Madhav Joshi, Kanchan Mahante, Sharad S Kamble, Dliesh Hazare, Varsha Vikram Sheth, Ramesh P. Gujar, Devraj Sara, Akhilesh Gaur, Anjali Vuduta, Nitin Khilare, Virendra Chopde, Satish Gujral, M.F . Husain, Thota Vaikuntam, Madhusudan Kumar, Shreekant N. Potdar, Javed Mulla, Chandni Parchani among others.

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    Pic 1-  (L-R)- Mickey Mehta, Viveck Shettyy, Manju Lodha, Manmohan Jaiswal.

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