What are the Different Types of Work Access Platforms?

Jun 19, 2020

The market abounds in many types of access platforms. At times, it can be difficult to find the best one. In the majority of cases, you can get recommendations from an amiable advisor at the local shop. He should be capable of recommending you about the kind of platform that is needed for every particular activity. Know about the various kinds of work access platforms that exist today.

Cherry Pickers

These are designed mainly to be used at as high spots as about 10 to 40 meters. Typically, these are used best in all those spots that stays out of reach and where there is need for a mobile access platform to get to a specific spot that stays high up the ground surface. Most often, these are present on building sites and in warehouse buildings.

Low Level Push Arounds

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These are lightweight access platforms that can be maneuvered manually from one point to another. Such platforms are of various types, like push around lifts, self-propelling pop ups and pop ups.

Scissor Lifts

These are mainly available in varied models. A few of these are designed for surfaces that are level. Some of these are designed for terrains of a rougher nature. When people look for these kinds of access platforms in a store, for the purpose of renting, they are trying to work as high above the ground as about 10 meters. Most of the equipments can extend to such length. These come with arms that can be extended and clamped down, so as to ensure that the platform can stay stable to be used well.

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